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dirt road wedding photo

A rain soaked the day in the Minnesota forest. The downpours made the surrounding trees a shade of green I’d never seen. The rain would let up for Liz & Jonny to see each other for the first time and once again for their outdoor ceremony. In the end, the rain seemed a second theme of the day, as if it was always intended.

It was fun to watch Liz & Jonny interact, so playful and lighthearted. Early in the day, they each spent time drawing cartoon cat pictures for each other. Liz’s name is now Elizabeth Bennett, and oh yes I am a sucker for Jane Austin and anything remotely related. But she is the heroine of her own beautiful story.

By the end of the night the rain poured and they answered back by lighting off roman candles into the sky. Minnesota was an unexpected delight. The wedding was beautiful, their friends and family welcoming and two people who love each other are now married.

Jonny is a talented photographer and Liz an amazing photo retoucher, check out their work.


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proposal photo

When our friend Dom pulled us aside and asked us if we could photograph his proposal we were overjoyed. He quickly hatched a plan, we would fake a mentor session for a photographer (Sara’s sister) and of course we would need a couple to shoot. He would volunteer them for the spot in front of the camera.

The day arrived, the “fake” engagement shoot was incredibly beautiful.. Our student was taking notes on camera settings, posing, etc.. and then he did it. He asked her on a cliff overlooking a beautiful river canyon. She had no idea it was coming.

Congratulations you two.


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golden gardens bathhouse seattle wedding photo

Claire and Peter. These two are on a fishing boat somewhere off the coast of Alaska right now. The amount of love seen on their day was immense, we’ve never seen a bride sprint towards her future husband during a first look.. on a dock.. in heels. The energy Claire radiated was contagious. Golden Gardens Bathhouse made for a perfect venue, right next to the bay on a gorgeous Seattle afternoon.

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desert themed engagement session

A trip to the sand dunes for a desert engagement session with Julia and Tyler.

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Oregon coast engagement photo

Astoria, Oregon.

Best known for being the location of The Goonies, but we think it should be known what an intriguing and beautiful city it is. Hannah and Jeff met us there and we wandered the city and shore. We found ships and shipwrecks, old canneries and cold breezes. We managed to take a few engagement photos too.


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